POETRY TAKEAWAY : A weekly feast of poems now available from Amazon here.

‘POETRY TAKEAWAY : A weekly feast of poems’ is a collection of my best poems (best of planetpoetry© (2001-2021) ). 52 poems (one for every week of the year, plus a bonus poem!) Poems for children aged young to adult – to inspire you, challenge you, shake you and wake you!

POETRY TAKEAWAY includes poems about life, the universe, nature, school, the climate, animals and much more! These poems will motivate and inspire children (and adults) to look at the work differently and think for themselves! Poems are perfect for learning by heart and performing and several of the poems encourage readers to go and be creative themselves and to write their own poems.

With planetpoetry© classics such as ‘I Didn’t Have the Time’, ‘Ant-Antics’, ‘The Slimy Yoghurt Hurling Creature’ and ‘Dreamland’, newer poems, including ‘Ballad for the 21st Century’, ‘Get Livin’ and ‘Mystery Solved’ and ‘Popstar’ – there are poems for everyone!

However, POETRY TAKEAWAY comes with a warning…these poems may challenge you – your reality and your thinking!

A planetpoetry © publication


‘Not just an adventure, but a journey that opens up the beauty and wonder of nature, science and the universe.’

Five pupils, from Firtrees Primary School, each with different gifts, are thrust into an adventure of a lifetime which will test their minds, bodies, courage and teamwork. Do they have what it takes to survive?

Aimed at  8-12 years, Xientifica SOS is a story of survival and exploration that will inspire and open eyes to the world around us, its beauty and its danger!

Perfect for reading alone, with an adult, or for schools and home schooling, for launching conversations and introducing scientific concepts. 

Dozens scientific concepts, ideas and facts, woven through the story.


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A planetpoetry © publication