Born Young

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I was born – like you – at a very young age

With a new address – on the WORLDWIDE stage

Left my old life behind in that fluid-filled sack

Took the plunge, took a leap – there was no going back!


I was born with a headful of hopes and DREAMS

And a headful of hair and snot it seems

I drank, then I ate, then I ate lots more

And my head started moving up away from the floor.


I was born, a baby – as a human child

And my new sense of freedom, seemed to me pretty wild

I started to crawl, then I walked really fast

Then I ran everywhere, so I wouldn’t be the last!


I was born – like you – at a very young age

But I spent many nights in a small wooden cage

So I planned my escape and I bided my time

And when the house fell silent, I prepared for the climb.


I was born to climb and was born to fall

I was born to bounce, I was born to crawl

I was born to EXPLORE and I did that night

When I slid down the stairs, in the milky moonlight.


I was born for ADVENTURE, I was born for the quest

I was born to DISCOVER and to take a road-test

I was born – like you – at a very young age

But life really only started, when I broke out of my cage!

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